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19 September 2010

Shohin Bonsai Demonstration by Graham Potter

Graham Potter shows the initial styling of a yamadori Japanese larch Shohin Bonsai Tree.

Credit to GrahamWPotter at Youtube.

22 May 2010

Chinese Juniper Seed

Few weeks ago I decided to buy some tree seeds from the Internet to start fresh with Bonsai. The first thing I do is to go to Google, my all-time favourite search engine, and start a random search for anybody that sell tree seeds for Bonsai. Of course before that I had made some research that for beginner like me, the best tree type to start learning about Bonsai would be Juniper and Maple. Then Juniper it is.

I bump into Whatcom Seed Company, and start looking if it sell Juniper seed. Indeed I found it and without any doubt whatsoever, straight away I shop for 2 bags of Chinese Juniper seeds with 30 seeds each.

2 weeks later, I received a package that address to my name with the seeds inside together with instruction on how to sow it. The seeds look good, I plan to sow it soon. Wish me luck.

Chinese Juniper

21 May 2010

YouTube Video shows a Bonsai-er Create a Bonsai Tree From a Nursery Juniper

Working with Bonsai required a lot of skills. For instants, the wiring technique is intended to design the shape of the Bonsai into something creative and the objective is the the tree to look old in miniature size.

I intended to post some of YouTube video that I found very interesting with regards to start creating a Bonsai tree from sketch. The video here shows many techniques from pruning up until designing the branches. Hope you can get a lot from this video as I am.

16 May 2010

Interest in Bonsai

I'm not sure when did I started to build interest on Bonsai. It happen just few weeks ago when I'm talking to my friend about decorating my new Home at Enstek. And somehow our conversation just go about Bonsai.

Then, like any other Generation Y, I started to browse the internet to get some information about Bonsai. And of course, my all-time video favourite website, YouTube give it all. Watching videos posted by the Bonsai-er, makes my interest to this unique art grow stronger.